Excel Increase or Decrease Font Size Shortcuts

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Last updated on October 19, 2023

This tutorial will demonstrate the shortcuts to use to change the font size in Excel.

Change Font Size

There are several different ways to customize fonts in Excel. Changing the font size helps to visualize your worksheet in a more pleasing way.

Change Font Size Shortcut

Increase Size Shortcut

  1. Select cell(s)
  2. Type
    PC Shortcut:ALT>H>F>G
    Mac Shortcut:++>

Increase Size


Decrease Size Shortcut

  1. Select cell(s)
  2. Type
    PC Shortcut:ALT>H>F>K
    Mac Shortcut:++<

Decrease Size

Customize Font Size Shortcut

To quickly change the font size to a specified size:

  1. Select cell(s)
  2. Press and hold Alt + H + FH
  3. Type Font Size
  4. Click Enter on keyboard

Customize Font Size

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