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Last updated on October 18, 2023

Insert Or Edit Comment

This Excel Shortcut inserts or edits a Comment to the selected cell.

Insert or Edit a Comment
PC Shortcut:Shift+F2
Mac Shortcut:fn++F2

This rest of this tutorial demonstrates shortcuts to manipulate comments in Excel.

Comments/Notes in Excel

  • A comment can be used in Excel to make notes about a cell.
  • Comments can be seen when hovering your mouse over the top right corner in the red triangle.

Comments Notes in Excel

Insert a Comment

To insert a comment:

  1. Click on the cell and press and hold Shift + F2
  2. Type appropriate note in comment box

Insert a Comment

Show All Comments/Notes

To show all the notes in a worksheet:

  • Select Alt + R + T + S


Show All Comments Notes

Go to Next Comment

To go to the next comment:

  1. While a comment is open, hold and press Alt + R + T + T

Go to Next Comment

Go to Previous Comment

To go to the previous comment:

  1. While a comment is open, hold and press Alt + R + T + P

Go to Previous Comment

Copy and Paste Comment 

To Copy and Paste comments from one cell to another:

  1. Copy the cell with original comment (Ctrl + C)
  2. Hold and press Alt > E > S to pull up Paste Special Window
  3. Press C + ENTER


Copy and Paste Comment

This will copy the comment of the first cell and paste it on the new cell.


Copy and Paste Comment Result

Delete Comment

To delete a cell comment:

  1. Click on cell in which you would like to delete the comment for.
  2. Type Alt > H > E > M

This will delete only the comment from the selected cell. All cell text and format will remain.

Delete Comment

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