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Last updated on October 18, 2023

This tutorial will demonstrate the shortcut to transpose text in Excel.

Paste & Transpose

In Excel, when data is transposed, the direction of the data is changed. In the example below, the original text that is vertical is transposed to horizontal text.

Paste and Transpose

Paste & Transpose Shortcut

The shortcuts to Paste and Transpose are as follows:

PC Shortcut:Ctrl+ALT+V>E>Enter
Mac Shortcut:Ctrl++V>+E>Return
Remember This Shortcut:
Ctrl + V is the usual command to Paste. Simply add Alt for Paste Special and use E for Transpose. Alernatively you can use Alt > E > S > E . Remember, Alt is the command to activate the Ribbon shortcuts. E for Paste, S for Special, and E for Transpose.

We will walk through this below.

Transposing Text

  1. Highlight text and copy (CTRL + C)
  2. Click on another cell and press and hold CTRL + ALT + V

Transposing Text

This brings up the Paste Special Menu., which contains many options for pasting text.

Paste Special Menu

  1. Type E + Enter which will check the Transpose option

Paste Special Menu Step3

  1. Press ENTER and you’ll see your final text transposed horizontally

Final Text Transposed Horizontally

Transpose Function

Another way to transpose data in Excel is by using the TRANSPOSE Function.

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