Excel Superscript and Subscript Shortcuts

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Last updated on October 19, 2023

This tutorial will demonstrate the shortcut to add superscript and subscript in Excel.

What is Superscript and Subscript?

Superscript and Subscript in Excel

Superscript is when the character is towards the top of the words as shown here.

Subscript is when the character is towards the bottom of the words as shown here.

Superscript and Subscript Shortcuts

Let’s apply superscript formatting to the data below:

Applying Superscript Part 1

  1. Hold down CTRL + SHIFT + F to open the Font Tab of the Format Cells Dialog Box. (Note: the Format Cells Dialog Box can also be opened with shortcut CTRL + 1).

Format Cells Dialog Box

  1. Press and Hold ALT + E, which will check the Superscript checkbox.

Check the Superscript Checkbox

3. Press ENTER and your text will have superscript formatting:


Superscript Formatting

Applying Subscript

Perform the same steps as above, except instead of pressing ALT + E, press ALT + B

Applying Subscript

The final text, formatted as subscript, will look like this:

Final Text Formatted as Subscript

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