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VBA – Calculate Acronyms from Text Strings

Create Acronyms From Strings of Text

The following function evaluates Acronyms from strings i.e it concatenates the first letter in every word in a string. E.g “trees are green” becomes “TAG”.

The routine traverses every character in a string and if it is a space then it takes the next character in the string. Before evaluating the string, it removes all trailing and duplicate spaces.

Function Acroymn (Original_String As String) As String
Dim Trimmed_String As String
Dim Length As Integer
Dim Pos As Integer
Trimmed_String = Application.WorksheetFunction.Trim(Original_String)

'work out the length of the string
Length = Len(Trimmed_String)

Acroymn = UCase(Left(Trimmed_String, 1))
For Pos = 2 To Length - 1
    If (Mid(Trimmed_String, Pos, 1) = " ") Then
    Acroymn = Acroymn & UCase(Mid(Trimmed_String, Pos + 1, 1))
    End If
Next Pos

End Function

So for example :
Acroymn (“British Broadcasting Corporation”) gives BBC
Acroymn (“Funky”) gives F
Acroymn (“”) gives NULL

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