Create an RSS Feed With Excel

rss feed in excelI have modified the code from a personal project to create a spreadsheet that makes RSS creation as easy as maintaining a list of your recent posts.

excel screenshot ø rss example ø validate rss example (page no longer exists)

If you are a website owner without an RSS feed (most Excel Sites) and is capable of logging the Title, Link, and Short Description of your latest article in an Excel spreadsheet, you can now offer your users updates via RSS.

Also, since people are notorious for keeping lists in Excel, if you would like to syndicate those lists, the following could be manipulated to do so(with some VBA know-how of course).

One Time Steps

1. Download the Spreadsheet

2. Open the Spreadsheet and enter your Domain’s URL address, Title, Description, and the name you would like for your RSS file and Save.

Create your RSS feed

1. Click the “Insert New Item” button

2. Type the Title, Link, and Description of your latest post/article

3. Click “Create RSS Feed”

That’s it. An RSS feed will be exported, with the name you’ve chosen, to the directory that you opened the spreadsheet from. Upload and write over the current version of the file to wherever you have told people your RSS feed exists.


– Stay away from special characters and use proper punctuation for best results

Validate Your Feeds!

– Worksheet pw: automateexcel

– This is for demo purposes only. I’ve left the VBA unprotected so you can add error checking, modify, or view as needed for your “production” version.

– Get an “RSS Heart” here