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Calculate a Running Total in Excel

sum function, total, sum, running count, addition

This tutorial will teach you how to set up and calculate a running total with Excel. To calculate a running total, you’ll need to use the SUM function with a combination of absolute and relative references. Mixed references will allow you to create a growing total that is anchored to the initial value. Let’s start…

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Count if Cells in Range

This tutorial explains how to count the number of cells containing numbers that fall within a specified range using the COUNTIFS function. COUNTIFS COUNTIFS(range_1,criteria _1,[ range_2,criteria _2],…) range_1 (required): group of cells to count criteria_1 (required): conditions used to count range_2,criteria_2: optional ranges and criteria than can be evaluated. Up to 127 range and criteria…

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How to Calculate Age in Excel

calculate exact age in excel

This tutorial covers how to calculate age in Excel. Calculate Exact Age To calculate the exact age of a person, you want to calculate the difference between the current date (or any other desired date) and the birth date. You might think that you could simply take the difference in days between the current date…

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How to Calculate a Ratio in Excel

This tutorial will show you how to compare two numbers and calculate their ratio, such as 5:7 or 8:3. Calculate a Ratio – The GCD Method The GCD Function is used to calculate the greatest common denominator between two or more values. We can use GCD to then create our ratios. To use the GCD…

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Compound Interest Formula in Excel

Excel Formula to Calculate Annual Compound Interest

This tutorial will demonstrate various ways to calculate compound interest in Microsoft Excel. What is compound interest? When you invest money, you can earn interest on your investment. Say, for example, you invest $3,000 with a 10% annual interest rate, compounded annually. One year from the initial investment (called the principal), you earn $300 ($3,000…

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Add Up (Sum) Entire Columns or Rows in Excel

Sum an Entire Column in Excel

This tutorial covers how to add entire rows or columns in Excel The Sum Function We will use the Sum Function to add up entire rows and columns.

The Sum Function takes input in two primary forms: standalone cell references (ex.=sum(a1,b2,c3)) or an array of cells (=sum(A1:E1)). We will use the latter method: Tip…

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