Working with Page Breaks in Excel & VBA

remove column page breaks excel vba

If you don’t manually set Page Breaks, Excel will do it’s best to set appropriate Page Breaks. However, if you’ve ever tried to print an Excel spreadsheet, you know it generally does not do a good job. Any time you print a spreadsheet you should review and edit the Page Breaks before printing. Page Break…

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How to Spell Check in Excel & VBA

how to spellcheck in excel vba

This tutorial will demonstrate how to use spell check in Excel and in VBA. Spell Check in Excel Microsoft Excel offers a basic spelling function that can help you check your spelling on any spreadsheet that you produce. This function is very limited, in relation to the spell check function in Microsoft Word or Microsoft…

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Print Comments in Excel

Excel allows you to display comments on the screen, but by default the comments will not print with your spreadsheets.This tutorial will teach you several different methods to print comments in your spreadsheets. Print Comments – Review Ribbon Method: 1. If you have more than one worksheet, select the one that contains the comments you…

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Does Microsoft Believe in Ghosts? – Easter Eggs

Microsoft Windows Vista DVD - 3 Ghosts Hologram

In 2007, Spanish-speaking blogger, Kwisatz discovered a surprising image embedded in the hologram of a Windows Vista DVD: Kwisatz blog has since been taken down, however, the original blog post and images can be seen using Web Archive . It appeared an image of three men (ghosts?) had been embedded onto the DVD.  The entire image is less than…

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Do Lawyers Need to Know Excel?

Excel probably doesn’t come to mind when you think of tools lawyers use. With a surplus of young law school grads but a dearth of job openings, however, a surprisingly high number of legal minds are finding out that technical flexibility is a huge asset. As firms are forced to cut costs, and young lawyers…

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“Excel” at Your Internship or First Full-Time Job

Now that the school year has ended, students are beginning to turn their thoughts to summer internships or first full-time jobs. We would like to take some time to discuss how to “Excel” at your internship and receive an offer. Of course, these tips are also relevant for graduates preparing for their first full-time job.…

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Non-Profit Excel Training

This coming Tuesday May 7th we will be delivering Excel training to Chicago-area NPOs through HandsOn Tech Chicago. Go here for more information and here to sign up. Unable to attend?  Contact us about other training solutions.

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