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Last updated on April 8, 2024

This article will demonstrate how to link an RSS feed to Excel


RSS XML intro


To link an RSS Fed to Excel you have two options:

  1. Add an XML Map
  2. Link the feed to Excel.

Add an XML Map

To add an XML map to your Excel sheet, follow these steps:

  1. Have a workbook open where you want the data to be displayed and then, in the Ribbon, select Developer > XML > Source.


RSS XML Source


Note if the Developer Ribbon is not showing, you can enable the ribbon by following the instructions here.

  1. Then, in the XML Source Pane that appears on the right hand side of your screen, click the XML Maps button.

RSS XML maps button

  1. Click the Add button.

RSS XML maps add button

  1. Type in the path for the rss feed and click Open.

RSS XML maps link

  1. An rss_Map will appear in the XML Maps list.

RSS XML maps namespace

  1. Click OK to display it in the XML Source pane.

RSS XML rss map

  1. Now scroll down until you find the item folder and then click on that folder.   It will select all the headings underneath that folder.   Click and drag the folder to the desired position in your worksheet.



RSS XML drag item

  1. The headings under the item folder will appear as headings in your worksheet.

RSS XML headings


  1. Right click in the row underneath the headings and click Refresh.

RSS XML refresh

  1. The RSS Feed will then appear in your worksheet.

RSS XML display

Link the RSS Feed to Excel

  1. Have a workbook open where you wish to link your feed to and then, in the Ribbon, select Developer > XML > Import.

rss feed ribbon import

  1. Type the URL for your RSS feed into the File Name box and then click Open.

RSS XML import

  1. Select the location to import the data to, and then click OK.

RSS XML import location

  1. A table will be created with the RSS Feed.   The first 11 or so columns will be identical.

RSS XML import list

  1. Scroll to the right of the table to see the additional columns to show you the individual items in the RSS Feed.

RSS XML import topics




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