Excel Paste Formats and Format Painter Shortcuts

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Last updated on October 19, 2023

This tutorial will demonstrate the shortcuts to Paste Formats in Excel.

Paste Format Keyboard Shortcut

Pasting a format is useful when you want to copy the format of an existing cell and paste the same format to another cell, without pasting anything else..

Paste Format Keyboard Shortcut

Paste Formats is found under the Paste Special menu:

Paste Options

Paste Format Shortcut

  1. Copy the formatted cell by pressing CTRL + C

Shortcut to Paste Format Painter Ctrl C

  1. Click on unformatted cell and press  ALT + H + V + R

Shortcut to Paste Format Painter Part 2

  1. Another option is pressing ALT + E + S.

This will bring up the below window. Use T to select Formats and Enter to apply the paste special.

Paste Special Opcions Formats

Both options will paste the format of the cell you originally copied.

Paste Format Result

Click to learn more about clearing formats.

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