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How to Use Paste Special in Excel & Google Sheets

Read our tutorials on using Paste Special in Excel and Google Sheets.

Paste Special 
Add Values to Cells and Columns
Change the Signs of Values
Divide Cells and Columns
Multiply Cells and Columns
Subtract Cells and Columns
Copy Comments
Conditional Formattingyes
Apply Conditional Formatting Multiple Sheets
Apply Conditional Formatting to Multiple Rows
Copy Conditional Formatting
Copy & Pasteyes
Copy and Paste a Range or Object as a Picture
Copy and Paste as Text or Value
Copy and Paste Cells
Copy and Paste With Skip Blanks
Copy and Paste Without Borders
Copy and Paste Without Changing the Format
Copy Number Not Formula
Excel Cannot Paste the Data Error
Paste & Match Destination Formatting
Paste Horizontal Data Vertically
Transpose Rows to Columns
Clean Up Data
Show Only Duplicates
Format Cellsyes
Copy Cell Color
Copy Column Widths
Copy Row Height
Number Formatsyes
Move Decimal Places
Organize Sheetsyes
Pull Data From Multiple Sheets and Consolidate
Save Asyes
Create a Word Document
Save a Table as an Image
Excel Keyboard Shortcut For Paste Special
Sort Datayes
Sort IP Addresses
Rotate Data Tables (Row to Column)
Text to Columnsyes
Split a Text Cell to Two or More Rows
Cut, Copy, & Paste from a Macro
Excel VBA Ranges and Cells
VBA Value Paste & PasteSpecial