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Formulas List

List of Excel Formula Examples Search our ever-growing formula list to find the formula example that meets your needs. FormulaExamples Add Spaces to a Cell – REPT() Hyperlink to Current Folder Ranking Values Dealing with NA() Errors Two Dimensional VLOOKUP Using Dynamic Ranges – Year to Date Values Comparing Items in a List Averaging Non-Zero…

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Functions List

Workflow Automation Excel Functions List Search the list below for Excel functions complete with explanations. FunctionDescriptionSyntax Logical ANDChecks whether all conditions are met. TRUE/FALSEAND(logical1,logical2) IFIf condition is met, do something, if not, do something else.IF(logical_test,value_if_true,value_if_false) IFERRORIf result is an error then do something else.IFERROR(VALUE,value_if_error) NOTChanges TRUE to FALSE and FALSE to TRUE.NOT(logical) ORChecks whether any…

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