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VBA Function To Calculate Number of Words in a String

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Last updated on July 19, 2021

Count Number of Words in a String

The following VBA function counts the number of words in a string by searching for spaces within the string. It uses the MID Function. You could accomplish something similar with the SEARCH or FIND Functions.

Function Number_of_Words(Text_String As String) As Integer
'Function counts the number of words in a string
'by looking at each character and seeing whether it is a space or not
Number_of_Words = 0
Dim String_Length As Integer
Dim Current_Character As Integer

String_Length = Len(Text_String)

For Current_Character = 1 To String_Length

If (Mid(Text_String, Current_Character, 1)) = " " Then
    Number_of_Words = Number_of_Words + 1
End If

Next Current_Character
End Function

It is worth noting a couple of points:
• This code must be inserted in a Workbook Module – from the VBA pane, click on Insert and then module

201 no of words in a string 400x241

• The function can be called from an excel workbook cell either with an either explicit text or cell reference as an argument:
A3 = Number_of_Words(“Pig Dog Cat”)
A4 = Number_of_Words(D1)

The function works by traversing the length of a string and seeing if the next character is a space and if so it adds one to the number of spaces in the string.

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