VBA – Reverse a String of Text

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Reverse a String of Text with VBA

The VBA Routine below allows the user to enter a string, and is then presented with the same string backwards. For example “Monday” becomes “yadnoM”:

The main features of the code are :-

• It needs a command button to activate the code – on the click event
• The following variables are set up :-

o Original_String – the original string that will be reversed (“Monday”)
o Reversed_String – the reversed string (“yadnoM”)
o Next_Char – the next character in the string that will be reversed
o Length – the length of the string
o Pos – the current position in the string

• An InputBox to capture the string. This is stored in the variable “Original String”
• The Length of the String is calculated using the LEN function and stored in the variable Length
• A FOR…NEXT loop is set up to go through the string starting at the last character and working backwards one character at a time
• The next character in the original string (working backwards) is then added to the reversed string
• This loop is iterated until we have traversed the entire length of the string
• The reversed string is displayed in a MsgBox.

Download the Excel file here

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