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Working with Page Breaks in Excel & VBA

remove column page breaks excel vba

If you don’t manually set Page Breaks, Excel will do it’s best to set appropriate Page Breaks. However, if you’ve ever tried to print an Excel spreadsheet, you know it generally does not do a good job. Any time you print a spreadsheet you should review and edit the Page Breaks before printing. Page Break…

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How to Calculate Age in Excel

calculate exact age in excel

This tutorial covers how to calculate age in Excel. Calculate Exact Age To calculate the exact age of a person, you want to calculate the difference between the current date (or any other desired date) and the birth date. You might think that you could simply take the difference in days between the current date…

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What-if Analysis in Excel – Scenario Manager & Goal Seek

what if data analysis excel

The what-if analysis tools on Excel allow you to apply different values to formulas and compare results for a variety of scenarios. Why is it important to understand what-if analysis? There are many applications of what-if analysis, such as financial modeling and sensitivity analyses. For example, if you are preparing a financial model, and you…

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How to Calculate a Ratio in Excel

This tutorial will show you how to compare two numbers and calculate their ratio, such as 5:7 or 8:3. Calculate a Ratio – The GCD Method The GCD Function is used to calculate the greatest common denominator between two or more values. We can use GCD to then create our ratios. To use the GCD…

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How to Spell Check in Excel & VBA

how to spellcheck in excel vba

This tutorial will demonstrate how to use spell check in Excel and in VBA. Spell Check in Excel Microsoft Excel offers a basic spelling function that can help you check your spelling on any spreadsheet that you produce. This function is very limited, in relation to the spell check function in Microsoft Word or Microsoft…

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